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Miss Club Asia 2013 beauty pageant was held on March 17th, 2013 at the Wild Orchid Resort in Angeles City. The weather was great and many fellas came to this gala event to see the beautiful Filipino girls in their bikinis and the Coyote dancers shake their asses during the dance off competition. At any given time a customer could purchase drinks for any one of the sexy Filipinas. Guys were also purchasing and throwing balls into the pool which the girls were racing for to claim for their group. Many customers were taking pictures and videos and for those you didn’t have a camera you could purchase food and drinks provided by Wild Orchid and leisurely enjoy the entertainment. Beads were purchased by customers to give or toss towards their favorite sexy candidate for Miss Club Asia; the beads help determine the winner. For our members that missed it you may take a look at the photo/video gallery in our members section.

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