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New Year’s Eve is a celebration for everyone around the world to be with loved ones even for one night and have fun partying; in Angeles City it is no different. For expats and tourists alike Fields Avenue or Walking Street was a little busy for this 2012 year holiday. This time of year girls do take time off to return to their provinces and spend time with friends and family. The bars were much affected by the amount of leave of absences from the bargirls. Some of the sister bars were consolidating their girls to fill up one bar and closing for the rest of the night due to lack of girls from leave, early work releases, or spending time with the Party Animal. Other businesses also closed early or never opened for the New Year celebration.

Fireworks on Fields had no regard for safety for anyone walking the streets. Locals, street vendors, kids, and even foreigners were lighting firecrackers and aerials at any time which caused some stoppage with cars and bystanders on the street. Between the time from 11:00pm-12:30am it would have been in your best interest to stay off the streets for your safety. In fact some bars and even hotels opened up their rooftops for patrons to enjoy the aerial fireworks show.

Many people who wanted to dance and still be out for the night went to the nearest disco club such as High Society. Single guys and girls and many couples or even quadruples enjoyed their time drinking and dancing the night away.

Overall, Angeles City like any other place in the world enjoyed their time celebrating New Year’s Eve and you can count on this happening again year after year. Just be careful walking the streets due to the dangerous arsenal of fireworks blasting and popping at any given moment but most importantly enjoy the night, reflect on the past year, and embrace the New Year to come.

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