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If you’re up to trying new places every now and then on the way to discovering Angeles City’s every nook and cranny, then you’ve surely gotta try a.c. RUMPA.

Interestingly, this restaurant on Surla Street has its place in history. The Angeles City Retired U.S. Military Personnel Association (a.c. RUMPA) was started by a circle of friends among US servicemen from the 1970s – a time when soldiers flocked Clark Air Base in Pampanga, Philippines.

Revived in year 2000 after the ravages of Mt. Pinatubo eruption and the restoration of the city, a.c. RUMPA’s new management promises to restore the restaurant to its former glory.

To date, it is a highly recommended favorite among locals, expats and tourists. US servicemen who chose to retire in Angeles frequent this joint especially in the mornings, and you will often find them having a banter over matters of politics, women, anything, really?

I’m tempted to say that RUMPA doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. I say it looks more like a cozy little home, or maybe that’s just me! Anyway, there is a classy “pub” feel to it on the inside, with wall-mounted seating and also center seating options for larger customer groups.

A look at the menu you will find American and local food to suit every fancy. From big hearty breakfasts of hash browns and toasts, to generous servings of mouth-watering steaks, cheesy sandwiches and tasty burgers, to Filipino staples– no one ever leaves with an empty stomach. The price is considerably low, which means you will get your basic Porterhouse Steak for a little over $5 U.S. But the price doesn’t equate to low food quality. Not at all! Steaks are cooked your way, with a choice of potatoes or rice, and served with thick gravy. The meat portion can serve 2 persons, I’d say, but if you feel like enjoying your appetite, go right ahead.

Overall, a.c. RUMPA is a good experience and it truly lives up to its promise of being a restaurant “where good food is at its lowest possible price”. Come dine soon!

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