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I was walking along Fields Avenue with a Filipina bar girl on a Saturday night after partying down Walking Street (where else? LOL). We were both tired and wanted a nice, quiet place to chit-chat. After all that boom-boom at Sky Trax and alcohol consumed from bar-hopping, we just wanted some place to sit and have a cup of coffee.

We decided to give Tugs Resto Bar a try. Located at the rooftop of 9-Five-0 Condotel in Fields Avenue, Tugs Resto Bar shares the building with a supermarket, a drugstore and a beauty salon — all under one roof. A lift in the building will take you straight to the rooftop.

I haven’t seen Tugs at daytime but I think it is best experienced at night, with good reason. The restaurant has a nice laidback ambience enhanced by a play of dim tinted lighting, a spacious interior, classy furniture and pieces of artwork here and there. There is a covered dining area that sits at least a hundred people, and also a veranda that lets you enjoy al fresco dining at its best — with a panoramic bird’s eye view of Angeles City! I’d be tempted to suggest that they play music in the outdoor dining section, but seriously speaking, the view and the quiet there is just enough to up anyone’s mood. The feel of fresh air, the uninterrupted view of the city — no need for music, really.

The menu covers a wide spectrum of tastes; from luscious steaks, choice meat entrees, fresh seafood, and mouthwatering pasta. I’d say the choice is almost overwhelming! Tugs Resto is open Mondays through Fridays serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snack. Although I’ve had enough alcohol for the night, I noticed that the bar serves beer, wine and cocktails. Overall, I was impressed with my first Tugs experience. I find that not many people know this hidden corner in the city, but those who do really appreciate the view from the top. And yes, as you can tell, I’m definitely going back!!!

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