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Treasure Island Resort Pool Party

It was a beautiful day at the Subic Treasure Island Pool Party which was held on April 21, 2013 Sunday. […]

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Subic Bay Trip Report

So my friend and I decide to go to Subic Bay for a day and here is what happened… We catch the bus at the Dau bus terminal but before that we grab something to eat at Jollibee which is right in front of the terminal. My friend and I order the most popular two-piece meal on the menu (aka C2). My friend additionally orders the hash brown breakfast sandwich which supposedly will take 10 minutes because they need to cook more hash browns. We sit down in this crowded Jollibee restaurant and eat, finish our two-piece meals, and still wait for the hash brown sandwich; it took fucking 20 minutes, we almost took the order number that stands on the table to signal who is waiting for food. […]

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Trip to Anawangin Zambales

From Wild Orchid Resort in Subic Bay to Pundakit, Zambales (your final destination) is about a 1 hour drive. I decided to rent a driver from the hotel (P3000) rather than renting a car as I did not know my way to Pundakit. My girl and I left the hotel at 10am and arrived in Pundakit around 11am, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. […]

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