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hey all you whore mongers!

i'm looking for a wingman for this coming December 2013, to go to Angeles city, Just looking to see who is going as I plan to stay at the ABC hotel for a week,, it's too early now to give exact dates, you can reach me here> , just looking for pals to drink beer with and bang some young pinays,, ALL IN FAVOR SAY I !!! :)


New Year's Eve is a celebration for everyone around the world to be with loved ones even for one night ;) and have fun partying; in Angeles City it is no different. For expats and tourists alike Fields Avenue or Walking Street was a little busy for this 2012 year holiday. This time of year girls do take time off to return to their provinces and spend time with friends and family. The bars were much affected by the amount of leave of absences from the bargirls. Some of the sister bars were consolidating their girls to fill up one bar and closing for the rest of the night due to lack of girls from leave, early work releases, or spending time with the Party Animal :) Other businesses also closed early or never opened for the New Year celebration.


Fireworks on Fields had no regard for safety for anyone walking the streets. Locals, street vendors, kids, and even foreigners were lighting firecrackers and aerials at any time which caused some stoppage with cars and bystanders on the street. Between the time from 11:00pm-12:30am it would have been in your best interest to stay off the streets for your safety. In fact some bars and even hotels opened up their rooftops for patrons to enjoy the aerial fireworks show.


Many people who wanted to dance and still be out for the night went to the nearest disco club such as High Society. Single guys and girls and many couples or even quadruples :lol: enjoyed their time drinking and dancing the night away.


Overall, Angeles City like any other place in the world enjoyed their time celebrating New Year's Eve and you can count on this happening again year after year. Just be careful walking the streets due to the dangerous arsenal of fireworks blasting and popping at any given moment but most importantly enjoy the night, reflect on the past year, and embrace the New Year to come.


IMG_0369.jpg IMG_0370.jpg IMG_0387.jpg


High Society

One of the newer hot spots here in Angeles City is a disco bar called High Society. Recently opened in 2011, this place is very large compared to another popular disco bar, Sky Trax. Located next to the Blue Nile bar on Fields Avenue, basically where all the action is located, High Society holds a decent size dance floor in the center, DJ booth opposite of the entrance with VIP seatings throughout the entire place ranging anywhere from P2000 per table to over P20,000 depending on the day and special events. High Society has a full bar for drinks, finger foods as well if you are feeling a little famished. There is an abundance of security here to ensure customers can enjoy their time dancing, having drinks, or just mingling with other patrons. Upbeat energy fills the air here with the DJ playing anywhere from RnB and hip-hop to house type music and especially with the famous MC Pauly Mack hyping up the crowd as well. The doormen are very welcoming and servers always busy running back and forth to deliver customers’ orders. I had the pleasure in meeting the new General Manager Sir Gabe who seemed very nice and genuine in accommodating me and my girlfriend. High Society is a hot spot for anyone who is looking to have a good time from foreigners to locals. Freelance and bargirls also stop by High Society to hangout, have a good time, and maybe even meet up with a lucky guy.


High Society features weekly specials on Wednesdays called Ladies Night where all ladies drinks are free. On Fridays and Saturdays there is a P150 entry fee to all the male customers; from what I heard this fee was recently implemented which makes sense because Fridays and Saturdays are really busy and too crowded to even stand around without bumping into someone next to you; I guess that is a good ice breaker if you want to meet someone.


Overall, High Society is a recently open disco which is showing very promising results. This place seems to be busy all the time, has high energy, a great staff, and many security for your safety. Hours of operation here are daily from 10:00pm-5:00am. My girlfriend and I will definitely return to this place.


IMG_9983.jpg IMG_8514.jpg IMG_8534.jpg


Zulu Coffee and Tea


One of Diamond Subdivision's gems in Balibago A.C. is a house turned restaurant/cafe called Zulu Coffee and Tea. This joint has an exotic, tropical feel to it. Lush greens abound. Tribal furnishings and seashell ornaments hang about. There is an outdoor dining area for a lovely al fresco experience to the music of indoor manmade waterfalls. There's also a covered area with posh seats and cozy lounges.


I went on a Saturday night with my barfine and it was quite surprising to still have street parking available, as Zulu shares the street with a few clubs and bars.


Zulu serves dine in, to-go, catering and they accept functions, too. Healthy lunch, dinner and midnight snacks are on the menu. A mix of Italian, American, Mexican and Asian favorites best describes the selection. Coffee is served hot or iced, and my, Zulu has an interesting list of yummy frappes!


We tried their Quesadillas and Pizza Burger. For drinks we had a tall glass of Macadamia Frappe and a Hazelnut Chill.


What we liked:

- The look and feel of the place (the mini manmade falls, especially!)

- Low price range (we spent around 600+ pesos -- that's around $15 US)

- Drinks were nice and well presented

- Serving size was quite generous


What we found so-so, or didn't really like:

- Food service took too long (half hour to be exact!)

- The Quesadilla could use more chicken filling

- 2 waiters were not so friendly. It was quite apparent that we needed help as we were looking at them eye-to-eye and waving hands.


Overall, Zulu is a nice place to chill with friends, have snacks with family or to enjoy some quiet me-time over coffee.


Address: Diamond Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City Philippines, 2010


Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-3am


IMG_0324.jpg IMG_0325.jpg IMG_0326.jpg IMG_0327.jpg


IMG_0328.jpg IMG_0329.jpg IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0331.jpg


IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0333.jpg IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0335.jpg


IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0337.jpg IMG_0338.jpg


Luk Foo (Dau)

Ended up going here as well and the food was good. Luk Foo, a Cantonese restaurant located in Dau next to Pure Gold. My friends and I went about 3pm. The restaurant was not busy at all during this time. Staff was very attentive as we entered, restaurant was very spacious with table settings, and a nice air condition. Before ordering our food the waiter poured everyone hot black tea which was nice. There were four of us so we ordered four different dishes: Assorted Seafood on rice, Beef Broccoli, Broccoli with scallops and shrimp, and Crispy fried noodles with assorted seafood. Two of us had service water for drinks and the other two had bottomless iced tea. The seafood dishes came out first then the broccoli dishes. Wait time for the food was not long. The food was good and the price reasonable. One of my friends did say the broccoli dishes got smaller and it barely fed 3 of us. The fried noodle dish was plentiful. In the end our total bill was P1365:


P185, Assorted Seafood on Rice

P280, Beef Broccoli

P550, Broccoli with Scallops

P220, Crispy Fried Noodles with Assorted Seafood

P130, Two bottomless Iced Teas.


There was no service charge added to the bill so we left a tip.


IMG_0345.jpg IMG_0346.jpg


IMG_0347.jpg IMG_0349.jpg


IMG_0350.jpg IMG_0351.jpg


IMG_0352.jpg IMG_0353.jpg



Crispy Fried Noodles with

Assorted Seafood



Assorted Seafood on Rice



Beef Broccoli



Assorted Seafood with Broccoli


Went to San Fernando with a friend to obtain my Philippine's driver's license. I was told this is where I needed to go to get my license since it was the first time. I'm thinking it's because of the drug test you will need to take. Well here is what happened... My friend and I left at 12:00pm and it was about maybe a 45 minute drive from Angeles to the LTO office in San Fernando. When we got there the place was crowded with locals waiting their turn. We let one of the window attendants know why we were there and she gave us paperwork to fill out. Note, you will need to have you local driver's license and passport with you. Also have copies of the front and back of your local license, passport ID picture, and the date of your visa expiration in your passport. After filling out the paperwork my friend and I checked into the nearby blue office looking area. We then walked to the nearby clinic. One of the workers showed my friend and I the way.


You will have guys outside the LTO complex offering you drug tests. DO NOT GO WITH THESE GUYS FOR THEY ARE CALLED FIXERS! At the clinic a lady did my medical screening which was only blood pressure and weight; cost was P100. I then went to another room for my drug test which is a urine sample and cost for this was P300.


Afterwards my friend and I went back to the main LTO office, turn in our paperwork, and wait. There is a lot of name calling and waiting so be patient or play games on your smart phone. There is a nearby sari sari store where a bottle of Royal was P10. I got my name called and went up to different windows to take my picture, sign this and that, and pay more pesos. One window I had to pay P618 then wait again and in the end my license was ready for pickup for another P20.


My friend was upgrading his Philippine's license he already had to motor-scooter. Apparently your first time license is only for vehicles up to 4500 KGS and I need to wait one month before I can get my upgrade. My friend and I left the LTO office by 4:00pm. The wait was long but a great experience. For my upgrade I can go to the nearest LTO office which is located in Angeles.


IMG_1132.jpg IMG_1133.jpg

Where I checked in before heading

to the clinic.


IMG_1134.jpg IMG_1135.jpg


IMG_1136.jpg IMG_1137.jpg




While A.C. is not a very popular destination for top movie viewing experience, some decent movie houses are found in and around the city.


Standard theaters that can sit up to 300 people are usually a feature of popular malls like, Marquee Mall, SM Pampanga, Robinsons Starmills and SM City Clark. The really huge ones that can sit up to 600 people, and those equipped with IMAX and 3D abound in the capital of Manila, at least 2 hours south of Angeles.


SM is a mall giant in this country. Its Clark branch is very accessible from Fields Avenue and Perimeter hotels. SM Cinemas offer Movie Cards that are good as cash, and also Movie Discount Cards that can be used nationwide. These cards prove useful in avoiding long blockbuster queues (on date nights with lady friends, especially) and also as gifts. If you’re an avid moviegoer visiting this city and you’re not very patient with queues, we suggest you purchase your movie cards online. Movie schedules can be viewed online, too, and the website is constantly updated with new releases and coming soon’s.


Note that any type of photo or video camera is prohibited inside cinemas, but really most people get away with them. A word on food: anything is allowed inside theaters, except tomato sauce/catsup, so make sure you hide them haha!?


Also, in the Philippines there isn’t really any issue with moviegoers entering the theaters behind schedule, unlike in other countries. So never mind if you’re late, you’re welcome to come in, sit back relax, and maybe extend a little longer after the screening to see what you’ve missed. Cleanliness is OK. Cleaners collect rubbish at the end of each screening. Toilets are found close to theater entrance points.


SM Clark Cinema


IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0271.jpg IMG_0273.jpg


Rumpa Restaurant


If you’re up to trying new places every now and then on the way to discovering Angeles City’s every nook and cranny, then you’ve surely gotta try a.c. RUMPA.


Interestingly, this restaurant on Surla Street has its place in history. The Angeles City Retired U.S. Military Personnel Association (a.c. RUMPA) was started by a circle of friends among US servicemen from the 1970s – a time when soldiers flocked Clark Air Base in Pampanga, Philippines.


Revived in year 2000 after the ravages of Mt. Pinatubo eruption and the restoration of the city, a.c. RUMPA’s new management promises to restore the restaurant to its former glory.


To date, it is a highly recommended favorite among locals, expats and tourists. US servicemen who chose to retire in Angeles frequent this joint especially in the mornings, and you will often find them having a banter over matters of politics, women, anything, really. ?


I’m tempted to say that RUMPA doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. I say it looks more like a cozy little home, or maybe that’s just me! Anyway, there is a classy “pub” feel to it on the inside, with wall-mounted seating and also center seating options for larger customer groups.


A look at the menu you will find American and local food to suit every fancy. From big hearty breakfasts of hash browns and toasts, to generous servings of mouth-watering steaks, cheesy sandwiches and tasty burgers, to Filipino staples– no one ever leaves with an empty stomach. The price is considerably low, which means you will get your basic Porterhouse Steak for a little over $5 U.S. But the price doesn’t equate to low food quality. Not at all! Steaks are cooked your way, with a choice of potatoes or rice, and served with thick gravy. The meat portion can serve 2 persons, I’d say, but if you feel like enjoying your appetite, go right ahead.


Overall, a.c. RUMPA is a good experience and it truly lives up to its promise of being a restaurant “where good food is at its lowest possible price”. Come dine soon!


IMG_0234.jpg IMG_0237.jpg IMG_0238.jpg


IMG_0239.jpg IMG_0241.jpg IMG_0243.jpg


If you’re looking for outstanding Mexican food in Angeles City, Tequila Reef is a must-try. Top notch cleanliness, a fun and perky Mexican atmosphere and upbeat music will immediately set the mood. I dropped in on a not-so-busy evening with a friend after an eventful day and we were not disappointed.


We found the waitresses to be friendly and food service was quick (less than 15 minutes). The menu selection was wide and includes Mexican cuisine, American steaks, burgers and sandwiches, barbeque specialties, seafood, random international favorites and also Filipino dishes. A few Australians were also dining when we arrived, and it looked like they were having a few laughs with several of waitresses.


My girl enjoyed the barbeque ribs and BBQ sauce. I gave one of their “pregnant” burritos a try and wasn’t disappointed either. The portions are huge and plating is very attractive I even took a few pictures before devouring my burrito.


A must-try in this restaurant is their Hand Shaken Margarita, personally shaken to lively music by a waitress before served. The “shake show” definitely adds fun to the dining experience. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the bar has the biggest tequila labels. I guess the restaurant wouldn’t be named Tequila Reef if they didn’t stock up on Patron, Herradura and the rest of the gang.


Also, I heard from a waitress that we just barely missed Tequila Reef’s All You Can Eat Buffet that they hold every month. The buffet serves at least 10 of the restaurant’s most popular dishes plus salads, desserts and more! Buffet costs around $15 US per person, or $20 per couple, and includes 1 free hand shaken margarita. The next scheduled buffet, the Annual American Independence Day Buffet, will be held on the 4th of July from 5pm onwards (Manila time). Booking is required.


To sum it up, Tequila Reef was a pleasurable dining Mexican experience. I enjoyed my Hand Shaken Margarita and was made a happy customer! It’s perfect for friends, dates, even families with children. Highly recommended to anyone, really. I’ll definitely go back!



St.Louis Ribs





Hours of Operation: Daily from 9:00AM to 2:00AM

Location: Corner of A. Santos and Real Street



Tugs Resto Bar


I was walking along Fields Avenue with a Filipina bar girl on a Saturday night after partying down Walking Street (where else? LOL). We were both tired and wanted a nice, quiet place to chit-chat. After all that boom-boom at Sky Trax and alcohol consumed from bar-hopping, we just wanted some place to sit and have a cup of coffee.


We decided to give Tugs Resto Bar a try. Located at the rooftop of 9-Five-0 Condotel in Fields Avenue, Tugs Resto Bar shares the building with a supermarket, a drugstore and a beauty salon --- all under one roof. A lift in the building will take you straight to the rooftop.


I haven’t seen Tugs at daytime but I think it is best experienced at night, with good reason. The restaurant has a nice laidback ambience enhanced by a play of dim tinted lighting, a spacious interior, classy furniture and pieces of artwork here and there. There is a covered dining area that sits at least a hundred people, and also a veranda that lets you enjoy al fresco dining at its best --- with a panoramic bird’s eye view of Angeles City! I’d be tempted to suggest that they play music in the outdoor dining section, but seriously speaking, the view and the quiet there is just enough to up anyone’s mood. The feel of fresh air, the uninterrupted view of the city --- no need for music, really.


The menu covers a wide spectrum of tastes; from luscious steaks, choice meat entrees, fresh seafood, and mouthwatering pasta. I’d say the choice is almost overwhelming! Tugs Resto is open Mondays through Fridays serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snack. Although I’ve had enough alcohol for the night, I noticed that the bar serves beer, wine and cocktails. Overall, I was impressed with my first Tugs experience.

I find that not many people know this hidden corner in the city, but those who do really appreciate the view from the top. And yes, as you can tell, I’m definitely going back!!!


IMG_0181.jpg IMG_0182.jpg IMG_0183.jpg


IMG_0184.jpg IMG_0186.jpg IMG_0187.jpg


IMG_0188.jpg IMG_0189.jpg IMG_0190.jpg


IMG_0191.jpg IMG_0192.jpg IMG_0199.jpg


IMG_0200.jpg IMG_0201.jpg IMG_0205.jpg


Birds Eye View


Tugs Resto Bar_Panorama1-2.jpg


Close to the heart of the sin city that is Walking Street lies an upcoming favorite gathering place called The International Bistro Casino. What used to be an Irish pub is now a 24-hour hangout that rolls into one: a sports and gaming station, a poker room, a bar and a restaurant.


The place has a laidback feel to it --- comfy couches, dim light and handcrafted furniture to set the mood. The International is spacious enough to fit a hundred people. There are pool tables close to the entrance. At least 10 widescreen televisions showcase what’s hot and now, from the live World Cup soccer match to the latest installment of American Idol. And hey, there’s the occasional uproar from overly excited sports fans, too! (Which really, really livens up the place!) :) On certain nights live music is played.


There’s an in-house betting station so sports enthusiasts do not miss out on tipping for their favorite rugby, footy and other teams on events all-year round. The licensed Wild Aces Poker Room holds daily poker tournaments from 3pm. On certain days it offers free poker lessons to attract newbies.


The International is also a favorite among gastronomes --- its extensive menu catering to Western, European, Asian and local tastes. You can expect friendly service from the young local waitresses. Plus, they speak good English. Meal price is mid-to high range. The bar is stocked with imported beers, whiskeys and liquors for the mostly-foreigner patrons.


Overall, if you’re out to have a break from the girly bars, wanna hang out with other expats and tourists, or maybe just wanna have a laidback night, you’re sure to love the International experience!


IMG_0085.jpg IMG_0086.jpg IMG_0087.jpg


Sky Trax


Sky Trax is a disco bar in the heart of Angeles City, a stone’s throw away north of Manila. It is a 5-minute sashay off Walking Street (known more as Fields Avenue), the area’s (in)famous red light district. This strip of road is packed with the sights and sounds of a modern sin city -- complete with casinos, pubs, adult stores and go-go bars. Asian Bar girls of all ages, skin colors and sizes abound, and you’ll be quite amused at some of them catcalling on passing male foreigners!


Sky Trax houses 2 storeys of nightclub action with the latest block rocking beats, a VIP Lounge, cozy couches, bars overflowing with local and foreign spirits, and a dance floor too -- if you’re up for some booty shaking. The entrance fee is roughly $4 and includes a free drink. Patrons include a fair mix of all skin colors. Most male foreigners are in the company of their bar-fined lady friends for a few drinks before heading back to the hotel (or wherever) for the night. Skimpily-clad filipina bar girls also hang out here, ready to be picked up. A few locals, too, join in the fun usually on Saturday nights. If you like the club scene, Sky Trax is a fun little place worth checking out. If you’re eyeballing filipina bar girls and want some action for the night, you may want to go elsewhere.


IMG_0723.jpg IMG_0735.jpg IMG_0737.jpg


IMG_0738.jpg IMG_0739.jpg IMG_0741.jpg


Grand Central Hotel

Grand Central hotel, "Where Location Matters." Formerly known as the Orange Lion hotel, Grand Central has undergone some major renovations such as laying out new floors in the rooms and bringing in new furniture. This friendly cozy hotel is located right in the heart of Field's Avenue, the center of action in Angeles City. Currently holding only 14 rooms, Grand Central is on the verge of eventually expanding to accommodate more guests. All rooms contain king size beds and 42" flat-screen televisions which distinguishes themselves from other hotels around the area. Grand Central also has a great selection of food from American cuisine to Japanese; they actually have a sushi bar in the lobby.


For more information you may visit Grand Central's website at


Here is a short clip from the Grand Central hotel:



Promotional video:



Last night I had something interesting happen to me again. I’m sure a lot of you out there have experienced this before. But for those of you who haven’t been here long enough, you will go thru it eventually.


I’m in Tropix Bar sitting with friends and their dates for the night, when across the room a girl is giving me the “I want to fuck you” look. She was cute and all, and for a minute I thought I could get her number or something. What do you know, her Japanese date sit down next to her. I’m like, oh one of these again. But she didn’t stop looking at me and began waving me down. Holy crap! When will these girls learn? They shouldn’t be hitting on guys when they are already EWR. Now the Japanese guy has caught onto the situation and looks at me. Dammit! I look away trying to diffuse the situation. A few minutes later they both get up and are about to leave. And what does she do? She stops in front of me to ask me for vitals, and her date is standing there looking at me. I told her, “I can’t talk to you, you already have customer”. Then she says, “It’s ok, he’s just my boyfriend”. What!!


Usually when I encounter this type of situation, the girls says that he is just a customer. This is the first time a girl told me that he is my boyfriend.


Apparently these girls don’t see the harm in doing that, but I know the foreigner is feeling something. He might be angry, jealous, or he might be oblivious to the whole thing. But for me, the bottom line is to be respectful and not cock block!


So for all you visitors of AC, if this happens to you, don’t get mad. The girl obviously is at fault, but I truly believe she doesn’t know any better. For her it’s just a job/survival, and she’s looking for another payday right after this one. We all need to understand this and accept it for what it really is. It’s just a job and they are trying to survive.

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