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A Trip To Anawangin Zambales

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From Wild Orchid Resort in Subic to Pundakit, Zambales (your final destination) is about a 1 hour drive. I decided to rent a driver from the hotel (P3000) rather than renting a car as I did not know my way to Pundakit. My girl and I left the hotel at 10am and arrived in Pundakit around 11am, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. Upon arriving, we negotiated with a few pinoys down at the beach who owned boats. A 30 minute boat ride would take you to Anawangin for P2,500.


If you want to get away from Angeles City or Subic's gnarly pollution I highly recommend this place for a nice day of relaxation. See pics below.


IMG_6138.jpg IMG_6145.jpg IMG_6150.jpg


IMG_6152.jpg IMG_6558.jpg IMG_6569.jpg


IMG_6575.jpg IMG_6581.jpg IMG_6591.jpg


IMG_6595.jpg IMG_6604.jpg

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