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    I would not recommend picking up street girls. You came to the Philippines to see all the girls but if they are not working in a bar with a number attached to them where you pay a barfine then you are taking a big risk because chances are the street girl may be setting you up for your worst vacation ever. Foreigners have been scammed by street girls who have been picked up and taken back to the room. The police then catch the foreigners and arrest them because the girl is under age (18). If this happens to you, it either means jail time or pay an outrageous fine. The fine may be in the millions of pesos; understand that in Philippines there are corrupt police everywhere. The tip here is best phrased as a question. Why risk being locked up abroad or paying millions of pesos for a street girl when you can have a girl from a bar for about P1500? It is not worth gambling P1,000,000 to save P1500.
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    Try checking out the accommodation section here. Also I have found the Royal Amsterdam to be quite good. It is basically across the road from the Grand Central so you are pretty much in a prime mongering position, bars to your left and right when you exit the hotel. They tend to fill up quite quickly though. Have fun and I hope this helps out. Cheers Gimli
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    Time to leave. Here are pictures and captions to help you become familiar when departing the Philippines through Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Your driver or taxi must take you to Terminal 1. This guide is meant for US travelers, but I assume it is the same for other countries also. There are entrances on either the left or right side. Sometimes there are long lines for oversea workers. You may bypass that line and head for the shorter line. Have your passport and itinerary ready. If you are still unsure of what line to stand in then ask security. Find your airline and stand in line to check-in. I was returning to the US via Hawaiian Airlines. If you have a premiere club card you may stand in the shorter line and you will later have access to their VIP lounge. You then head to the terminal fee, immigration, and boarding gates. Yes you must pay to leave this country. Have some pesos readily available or cash. Get ready to take off your shoes and go through the metal detector. Now you can head towards your gate, eat, or if you have VIP access you may stay in their lounge. The VIP Lounge. Head towards your gate and wait to board. You must show your passport and airplane ticket one last time and pass through another metal detector. This is it; you are leaving the country of kings. Try not to cry. Caution: PPD may settle in when you arrive at your hometown but the good thing is that pimonger.com will keep you posted until your next return trip.
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    For all first timers headed to AC, you may want to be prepared to interview your future Asian bar girl prospect. It would be disappointing to pay the barfine with high expectations of receiving the best sex imaginable but to find out your girl doesn't give blowjobs. Some girls take offense or are turned off by all the questioning but to ensure or at least minimize a huge disappointment back in the room, you should execute the interview process. Here are some steps of what fellow mongers do: 1) Look for the girl of interest 2) Ask Mamasan or your waitress if your girl is a Cherry Girl (this will save you time and money knowing if she is cherry) 3) Call your girl down or have the waitress or Mamasan do it for you. 4) Buy her a LD and use this time to get to know her. 5) Begin your interview and ask questions. For example, "you give blowjob?" "how many rounds you boom-boom?" "are you LT or ST?" "can I boom-boom your ass?" "do you have menstruation?" 6) By the time the LD is finished you should know whether you will barfine your girl or not. Did she pass your interview? Did she agree to give you what you asked for? The more girls you interview the better you will become in acquiring what you are looking for at that time. If you just want a blowjob for a ST, let the girl know the plan then send her home just be sure she agrees. If you want a GFE for LT to wine and dine before 69 get your girl to agree especially to the time she will leave the next day. The Mamasan is also another source of information. She can help you find a girl specific to your needs without having to interview so many girls and buying a whole lot of LDs. For instance a 3-holer is not easy to find within the bars especially a decent looking one. I would definitely ask Mamasan to first find you a 3-holer. If one is found and looks okay I would still go through the interview process and confirm your needs. If you are successful in barfining a 3-holer because of Mamasan you may show your gratitude by buying Mama a LD or slip her a P50 bill before you leave; it's up to you.
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    Street Peddlers

    Street Peddlers are everywhere in the Philippines. They will come up to you and ask you if you want to buy anything from watches, knives, burned DVDs, Cialis, Viagra, etc. Merchandise they sell can be bought at the malls. A peddler once offered me a cigarette holder with a built in lighter for P300. I negotiated the price down to P200. Later I found the exact same cigarette holder in the mall selling for P150. The only value I received from buying the holder off the street was the convenience of it being there when I wanted it and the fact that the peddler selling it displayed how great all the gadgets were in this one cigarette holder. If you want to buy drugs or medicine such as Cialis or Viagra I would buy it at the Pharmacy. The pharmacy is safer and they have medicine similar to Viagra. If you do decide to buy off the street, before you buy ask the peddler to open the box, take out the tablets, and show you the goods. This is to save yourself from possible illegal drug possession just in case you are being set up by the police. If you do not want to buy from the peddlers, tell them "no thank you" and move on. Sometimes these peddlers are persistent and will follow you for a while. When this happens, keep walking and continue to say "no thank you."
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    Luk Foo (Dau)

    Ended up going here as well and the food was good. Luk Foo, a Cantonese restaurant located in Dau next to Pure Gold. My friends and I went about 3pm. The restaurant was not busy at all during this time. Staff was very attentive as we entered, restaurant was very spacious with table settings, and a nice air condition. Before ordering our food the waiter poured everyone hot black tea which was nice. There were four of us so we ordered four different dishes: Assorted Seafood on rice, Beef Broccoli, Broccoli with scallops and shrimp, and Crispy fried noodles with assorted seafood. Two of us had service water for drinks and the other two had bottomless iced tea. The seafood dishes came out first then the broccoli dishes. Wait time for the food was not long. The food was good and the price reasonable. One of my friends did say the broccoli dishes got smaller and it barely fed 3 of us. The fried noodle dish was plentiful. In the end our total bill was P1365: P185, Assorted Seafood on Rice P280, Beef Broccoli P550, Broccoli with Scallops P220, Crispy Fried Noodles with Assorted Seafood P130, Two bottomless Iced Teas. There was no service charge added to the bill so we left a tip. Crispy Fried Noodles with Assorted Seafood Assorted Seafood on Rice Beef Broccoli Assorted Seafood with Broccoli
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    Grand Central Hotel

    Grand Central hotel, "Where Location Matters." Formerly known as the Orange Lion hotel, Grand Central has undergone some major renovations such as laying out new floors in the rooms and bringing in new furniture. This friendly cozy hotel is located right in the heart of Field's Avenue, the center of action in Angeles City. Currently holding only 14 rooms, Grand Central is on the verge of eventually expanding to accommodate more guests. All rooms contain king size beds and 42" flat-screen televisions which distinguishes themselves from other hotels around the area. Grand Central also has a great selection of food from American cuisine to Japanese; they actually have a sushi bar in the lobby. For more information you may visit Grand Central's website at gchac.com Here is a short clip from the Grand Central hotel: Promotional video: