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  1. supposedly
  2. A bit late on this one. But my vote is always in the 1000 pesos range. Try the Walkabout Hotel. 1200 pesos a night, centrally located, with pool. Rooms are clean and you can get scooter rentals there.
  3. Thats Jessa from Olongapo. She's running around AC and is at High Society nightly. https://www.facebook.com/labzskah.jessa
  4. You can't go wrong with watching a movie thats $3 - $4 dollars a seat.
  5. Its a nice place to eat. Food came out really quick. However the slices were a bit thin. But for the price I'm paying its justifiable. I had to order a second helping becasue I wasn't full from the first. What can i say, Polynesians can eat.