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  1. Off to AC in June

  2. Back to the rigs until April or so then AC!!

  3. Try checking out the accommodation section here. Also I have found the Royal Amsterdam to be quite good. It is basically across the road from the Grand Central so you are pretty much in a prime mongering position, bars to your left and right when you exit the hotel. They tend to fill up quite quickly though. Have fun and I hope this helps out. Cheers Gimli
  4. Back to PNG until end of October, off to the city of angels November

  5. Sorry mate, after doing a month in PNG for work the old PPD is hitting hard and I'll be hitting AC in November.
  6. Pretty much the same flying back to Oz or Singapore
  7. Heading to AC in November

    1. xxxxchad


      yeah dude! I'm headed to AC this Novemeber too,, maye i'll see ya there,,later :)


    2. oznomad74


      Mate, just look for a red bearded drunk, smiling fly half wearing a Wallabies jersey and call out Gimli. I'll give you a salute and probably shout a SMB if it is me LOL