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For you first-timers, here is quick guide upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Please keep in mind that this post was made in 2010 and things may have changed since then.

  • When disembarking, follow the corridor and the green signs towards the transfer desk, immigration, and the baggage claim. The green signs are hanging from the ceiling.
  • You will pass through a fever watch checkpoint.
  • Make a left towards immigration; it may be busy with long absurd lines.
  • After immigration follows the baggage claim.
  • After exiting the baggage claim, you must now change your money. There are a bunch of money exchangers right outside the baggage claim but still within the building. Search for the money exchanger that pays the most for your currency. You don’t have to change all your money but enough to get you through the night or at least to your hotel. $100 should suffice but it is up to you.
  • Time for transportation. The metered taxis are right outside the building. The taxis are yellow.
  • Direct transportation from Manila airport to AC can be accommodated via Margarita Station. You could utilize a taxi which may be cheaper but I have found taxis to be somewhat uncomfortable for short distances so I do not consider them for long distances. The ride from Manila airport to AC is about 2 hours depending on traffic.
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