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I would not recommend picking up street girls. You came to the Philippines to see all the girls but if they are not working in a bar with a number attached to them where you pay a barfine then you are taking a big risk because chances are the street girl may be setting you up for your worst vacation ever. Foreigners have been scammed by street girls in Manila and Angeles City who have been picked up and taken back to the room. The police then catch the foreigners and arrest them because the girl is under age (18). If this happens to you, it either means jail time or pay an outrageous fine. The fine may be in the millions of pesos; understand that in Philippines there are corrupt police everywhere. The tip here is best phrased as a question. Why risk being locked up abroad or paying millions of pesos for a street girl when you can have a girl from a bar for about P1500? It is not worth gambling P1,000,000 to save P1500.

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