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Time to leave. Here are pictures and captions to help you become familiar when departing the Philippines through Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Your driver or taxi must take you to Terminal 1. This guide is meant for US travelers, but I assume it is the same for other countries also.

  • There are entrances on either the left or right side.
  • Sometimes there are long lines for oversea workers. You may bypass that line and head for the shorter line. Have your passport and itinerary ready. If you are still unsure of what line to stand in then ask security.
  • Find your airline and stand in line to check-in. I was returning to the US via Hawaiian Airlines. If you have a premiere club card you may stand in the shorter line and you will later have access to their VIP lounge.
  • You then head to the terminal fee, immigration, and boarding gates. Yes you must pay to leave this country. Have some pesos readily available or cash.
  • Get ready to take off your shoes and go through the metal detector.
  • Now you can head towards your gate, eat, or if you have VIP access you may stay in their lounge.
  • Head towards your gate and wait to board. You must show your passport and airplane ticket one last time and pass through another metal detector. This is it; you are leaving the country of kings. Try not to cry. Caution: PPD may settle in when you arrive at your hometown but the good thing is that will keep you posted until your next return trip.
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