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Went to San Fernando with a friend to obtain my Philippine’s driver’s license. I was told this is where I needed to go to get my license since it was the first time. I’m thinking it’s because of the drug test you will need to take. Well here is what happened… My friend and I left at 12:00pm and it was about maybe a 45 minute drive from Angeles to the LTO office in San Fernando. When we got there the place was crowded with locals waiting their turn. We let one of the window attendants know why we were there and she gave us paperwork to fill out. Note, you will need to have you local driver’s license and passport with you. Also have copies of the front and back of your local license, passport ID picture, and the date of your visa expiration in your passport. After filling out the paperwork my friend and I checked into the nearby blue office looking area. We then walked to the nearby clinic. One of the workers showed my friend and I the way.

You will have guys outside the LTO complex offering you drug tests. DO NOT GO WITH THESE GUYS FOR THEY ARE CALLED FIXERS! At the clinic a lady did my medical screening which was only blood pressure and weight; cost was P100. I then went to another room for my drug test which is a urine sample and cost for this was P300.

Afterwards my friend and I went back to the main LTO office, turn in our paperwork, and wait. There is a lot of name calling and waiting so be patient or play games on your smart phone. There is a nearby sari sari store where a bottle of Royal was P10. I got my name called and went up to different windows to take my picture, sign this and that, and pay more pesos. One window I had to pay P618 then wait again and in the end my license was ready for pickup for another P20.

My friend was upgrading his Philippine’s license he already had to motor-scooter. Apparently your first time license is only for vehicles up to 4500 KGS and I need to wait one month before I can get my upgrade. My friend and I left the LTO office by 4:00pm. The wait was long but a great experience. For my upgrade I can go to the nearest LTO office which is located in Angeles City.

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