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Anytime you catch a taxi be sure to ask the driver if he has a meter. The Yellow taxis are pretty good on utilizing the meter but there are many independent taxi drivers (white taxis) that do not turn the meter on. These drivers make their own prices and always charge foreigners more than the usual rate, in some cases 2 to 4 times more. I have utilized these white taxis before and insisted they turn on the meter or I look for another cab. When times came for me to catch a taxi that ran no meter, I negotiated the price first before entering the cab and I paid the exact price we agreed to with no tip because the price was already adjusted more than double the rate. Always pay the driver after you reach your destination.

The 3-wheeler motorcycle are known as trikes. There are many of them to transport you around in Angeles City. As much as 3 people can fit on a trike not including the driver, two in the passenger cab and one behind the driver. To receive a ride you can either go up to the trike person or raise your hand while looking at a group of trikes and say with a projected voice, “kuya… trike!” One trike from the group will head your way. Unlike a taxi, trikes do not have a meter. The prices are up to the driver which gives you a little room for negotiation but the prices for the distance you go are usually not worth the negotiating effort because all the trikes are about the same price for foreigners. I once payed P50 for a ride going to the Clark SM mall but on the return trip a different driver charged me P100. Always agree to a price before accepting a ride from a taxi (who does not run the meter) or trike and be sure they know where to go. Prices for trikes are for the trip not per person, like a taxi. Note: Kuya (koo-yuh) means older man. I have never seen a woman drive a trike.

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