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So my friend and I decide to go to Subic Bay for a day and here is what happened… We catch the bus at the Dau bus terminal but before that we grab something to eat at Jollibee which is right in front of the terminal. My friend and I order the most popular two-piece meal on the menu (aka C2). My friend additionally orders the hash brown breakfast sandwich which supposedly will take 10 minutes because they need to cook more hash browns. We sit down in this crowded Jollibee restaurant and eat, finish our two-piece meals, and still wait for the hash brown sandwich; it took fucking 20 minutes, we almost took the order number that stands on the table to signal who is waiting for food.

So now we are off to Subic on about an 1.5 hour to 2 hour bus ride. For those who don’t know how to catch the Filipino busses I’ll post a forum thread in the transportation section; it’s only P140 for a one-way ride to Subic from AC in a bus that has air condition. As we head to Subic the day is looking nice and hot then one thing happens which I never experienced before, the bus stops on the shoulder lane in the middle of the freeway. Maybe we had a flat? Nope, a passenger had to use the portal-pottie located on the other side of the freeway. This would never happen in the United States but hey I’m not in the U.S. As we near the Subic bus terminal my friend and I decide to get off at an earlier stop which was a big mistake because we were suppose to get off at the bus terminal in Subic. Our bad because we caught a different bus to Subic this time compared to before so now we walk a few blocks to the bus terminal. As we get there we see guys asking everyone if they want a taxi; there are also trike drivers. We ask one of the guys for a taxi and head into Subic. Taxi was P300 by the way and from what I heard so is the trike but the ride is a little lengthy so you would rather catch the taxi instead of an uncomfortable trike.

My friend and I reach our hotel, the Harley Hotel which is located near Wild Orchid. We settle into our rooms and then it begins to pour. It also rained before we checked in but we did received a rainy day promo on the rooms which seems to be the norm here. We got an ocean view room for P1500. My friend and I ate dinner then headed out after the rain settled, it’s about 6:00pm.

Our first bar we visit is Cat Walk. The bar is not a bad size and it was empty which was better for me and my friend. We table a couple girls and have some drinks. We are having fun with the girls but decide to move on to the next bar; my friend told me that Subic bars tend to close earlier than AC bars so let’s not waste time with the bar hop.

Next bar we hit is Sweetheart (right next door to Cat Walk) which turns out to be the Grand Opening. It’s a little smaller bar compared to Cat Walk but it has a pool table and they gave us some free food due to the opening. We end up tabling another girl for a drink and converse a little and have fun taking pictures. By this time I am feeling very tipsy because I was on my fifth drink and yes I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking but this time I began to drink vodka crans instead of SMLs. Note: Stay away from the local hard liquor! I’ll explain later.

So now we are heading back to our hotel because my friend thought he lost his phone but thank goodness he didn’t, he left it in his room. So now we head to The Office and have another round of vodka crans. We table a few girls and try to have fun with them. I can see that my friend is having fun with his girl but I am just not feeling the vibe with mine. She’s quiet and just seems uninterested with me. I guess it’s my charming personality LOL!

So we head out again and now I think I’m fucked. Let’s do a recap of what I think I drank up until The Office. Had a SML with dinner, 2 at Cat Walk, 2 vodka crans at Sweetheart, and another vodka cran at The Office… Yes, I’m fucked! By the way, I had to talk to my friend to make sure my trip report was accurate due to my intoxication.

We head to Rascals and do the “Korean Shuffle” since most girls were barfined already and there were very little girls dancing on stage. For those who don’t know, the “Korean Shuffle” from what I’m told is what some expats call when you enter a bar, walk around and look, then leave without even purchasing a drink. I guess the Koreans are known to do this a lot.

Emu is the next bar we hit up and my friend and I have a drink… yes another vodka cran. A girl sits next to my friend and he is a nice guy but doesn’t want to buy her a drink so he tips her P50 and let’s her get back on stage. We quickly finish are drinks, pay, and out to the next bar.

Rosies is where we arrive next and this place has a couple cute girls. Interesting to know this place has games to get the customers to play with the girls then the waitress will naturally ask you to buy a LD. I see a cute girl who I play connect-four with and we end up playing long enough to drink 2 rounds of LDs for herself and vodka crans for me. This girl was not talking much and again my charming personality was not working with this girl so we pay and move on. By the way, my friend was playing Jenga with another girl and as much as he wanted her the vibe wasn’t there for both of them either.

Now we are off to Bunny Ranch if I’m not mistaken. I have a hot coffee and my friend has an alcoholic drink. We don’t see anything so we head out. I do recall the uniforms from Bunny Ranch looking the same as the uniforms in AC… stage I think was behind the bar up front… It was fuzzy here for me but I do remember the coffee tasting very good!

Next bar we hit is Hot Zone… “Korean Shuffle”

We are now headed to the Wet Spot. As we enter, this bar is packed! I mean more girls than the previous bars. I know it’s late (I lost track of time a while back) but there are more customers in here too. My friend and I order another round of vodka crans and end up tabling a couple girls. I find connection with my girl and EWR her. By the way, LDs all night were P150 for the singles and EWR is P1500 for most bars. Before we leave me, my friend, and my girl drink 2 rounds here.

The next bar we had only one drink and I forgot what bar this was because I am toasted… Thanks to my friend he reminded me… Lips Bar.

Next bar we head to which I think is the last bar of the night and I don’t even know what time it is by now is Buccaneer bar. This bar is also slightly crowded but not like Wet Spot and we see… well my friend sees a cute girl and calls her down for a drink… everyone is pretty much fucked except the Buccaneer girl cuz she didn’t drink alcohol. My friend EWRs his girl.

We now head to Dryden for something to eat… I don’t even know how we got there but we did and I think my girl threw up cuz she frequently went to the bathroom. I drank a lot of water too.

Now we head back to the hotel but trike it because the walk is far and I’m fucked up and so is my girl. This is the end of the night and did we boom boom?!?… hell yeah! Even though I was toasted I strapped on a condom too!

The next day my girl went home and I just slept until checkout. I was still fucked all the way back home to AC. I felt dizzy and just had to sleep. Little did I know I would feel dizzy and off balanced for the next 3 days!!! Yes Subic was a fun trip but I learned a valuable lesson to not drink the local hards and stick to bottled shit like SML. I ended up going to the doctor’s office because I never felt this way for this long. Usually a hangover for me lasts only one day but this one lasted for 3 days and I still felt some repercussions on day four but did recover slowly. I think I got liver damage from drinking the local shit and maybe some brain damage too but that will never happen again… the fucking will continue but not the drinking… well not like that.

I will post up in the Medical Section what medicines the doctor prescribed me. Just in case anyone ends up fucked like me.

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